05/17/16 Washington Coast Report

Team ARSC captains Ian Winder and Jarrid Horn have had an amazing week fishing for ocean Lingcod and Rockfish and running into some nice bonus Halibut too!  Marine Area 2 (Westport) is our primary bottom fishing point each spring for all of these reasons.  The inshore Halibut season is still open at the moment but that quota is dwindling fast but we’ll continue to run trips for Lingcod and Rockfish all the way through July.  Please keep in mind these inshore Halibut are caught randomly and we don’t specifically target them on our bottom fishing trips.  But hey, what a nice bonus!!!


If you’re in the business of trying this fishery in your own I’d suggest using medium weight spinning setups with a tandem dropper loop and shrimp fly rig.  This is our primary rockfish setup.  For lingcod you can rig a slightly heavier conventional rod and mooch herring in many of the same areas as you would for rockfish.


Good luck out there!

Thank you,



Capt. Mark Coleman – Guide/Owner

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