05/18/15 Cowlitz River

Good Steelhead fishing continues with this warmer than normal weather and  the fish are biting and fighting a little better than normal. All the rivers have at least a few fish in them at this time. Looks as though we are going to have a little low water in the next few days so a little stealth with small baits are going be key to getting those fish to bite. Jigs and yarnies are going to come into play again as the water gets clear. I expect some really good fishing this next week on all the streams in western Washington. Look for an increase in Wild fish to be in the rivers as we get into February. The Cowlitz should start seeing some of it’s late Steel any day although it won’t really get going until March. Spring Chinook fishing isn’t far away and I’m watching dam counts at Bonneville for the first one to make it over the big wall.


Here are a couple pics from some outstanding fishing we have had this past week.




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Phil Stephens