06/29/15 Westport – Wiest

Had a great weekend fishing with Todd’s Extreme Fishing Charters.

Saturday we were able to find limits of Chinook and Coho for our clients, along with limits of Black SeaBass.  Had to search a little early to find them, but once we did it was some awesome action.  Most fish were found out 220ft with 200ft on the wire.  A flasher and Hootchie combo was most effective also are largest Chinook for the day (22lbs) was caught with 4oz of lead and a cut plug herring out 30ft – right on the surface.

Sunday clients wanted to target bottomfish.  Pretty much non-stop all day catching limits of inshore Lings and Black SeaBass.  Water was a little bumpy at first but after the wind died down it was pretty calm.  Leadhead with a white grub for lings – Seabass were abundant for the taking with shrimp flies.

Both days we had awesome clients – super fun!

Terry Wiest



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