06/30/15 Hot Salmon Fishing at Westport!

westport 6-29-15 1558

The salmon fishing was very good this week at Westport. We are catching easy limits of both kings and silvers.

Our best area this week was in 220 feet of water just south of Westport. the depth on the riggers has been moving around a bit one day it’s the top 40 feet the next you need to be right on the bottom and the next it’s 80 feet on the riggers, our best results have been on flasher and hoochies but bait and spoons have been working well also.

westport 6-29-15 1556

The bigger summer fish are here and we are seeing a good number of fish over 20 pounds.

The bottom fishing has been good when the weather allows us to get to them, but we have been  running a long ways to get into the fast action that I like.

westport 6-29-15 1574

Todd Girtz

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