07/01/15 Kyuquot Sound Report

Our team is on the water daily now in Kyuquot and the first week of operations have been stellar! Back to back trips with loads of Chinook and Halibut. The ocean is treating everyone very well this week.

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Chinook are right on the edge of the surfline and offshore.  Tonight’s bite for the first evening out for this group yielded 25 Chinook Salmon!  Phenomenal!

Fishing with hootchies, spoons with fully rotating flashers just off the bottom, regardless of where we are fishing.  Fishing with bait isn’t really necessary with all the action….it can actually slow you down when the bite is on fire like it was tonight.

The past weeks halibut catches were also significant with some really nice quality fish.

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Marilyn Murphy

Murphy SportFishing


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