07/01/15 Westport Report


Westport is pumping out just about every species you can imagine right now…salmon, rockfish, lingcod, and tuna!!!
The salmon fishing is absolutely world class with 30-40 salmon landed  per trip for 6 anglers fishing.  Both king and coho.  Best technique is trolling divers and whole herring or flasher/herring or hoochie or spoon on the riggers.  Outstanding salmon fishing now!!!
Tuna is excellent as well with 20-30 Albacore per trip.  We’ve be running our exclusive one day express style tina trips since June 21st.  We’re faced with a season that could be record setting with the potential of other pelagic species!!!

Bottom fishing is also topping the charts with tasty rockfish.  The ling bite is still decent but the rockfish are the most plentiful and attractive right now!!!
All of this will continue throughout the summer.  This is the best of the best guys so please take advantage of it while we’re on a high trending year!!!

Capt. Mark Coleman – Guide/Owner

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