07/17/15 Bamfield Report




Salmon fishing is going full blast now. Lots and lots of Chinook, Pinks and Coho are arriving on the outer banks daily. It varies each day a bit, but the fish are scattered over a large area. Your favorite flasher/hootchie combo should work, or switch up to 6″ spoons or plugs for less action but a better grade of fish. You’ll stay away from the often pesky pink salmon that are returning by the millions now.

Salmon fishing has been good on the inside. Lots of good sized Chinook are coming from most areas. The Wall, Kirby Point, and Ships, have been some of the nearby spots. There were a few Coho around this week and still lots of Sockeye passing by.

Tuna have arrive in large numbers on the BC coast. Some boats are making the run to the Tuna ground and finding they only have to go about 40 miles from Bamfield. This is close for Bamfield standards. It’s shaping up to be a god tuna year.

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