07/17/15 Brookings Ocean Fishing Report

The rockfish and lingcod action out of the Port of Brookings Harbor remains good, with some of the best quality fish of the season, while salmon fishing remains slow. Today, for the first time this month, we cancelled our ocean trips because of rough weather. We have a gale warning for the next couple of days before the winds die down for the weekend.
We have been enjoying very fast action on big rockfish, with a mix of large blacks, blues, canary and vermilion, plus some yelloweye, copper and quillback rockfish that we have been releasing. The size of the lingcod is impressive right now, with many of the fish between 10 and 20 pounds.
While the ocean is slow for salmon right now, that may change with the strong northwest winds, which generally cool the surface temperature 2 to 5 degrees as the large whitecaps create upwelling and bring cold water from deep to the upper column.
For now, the Rogue Bay has been the best bet for salmon, and we have been sending customers there to fish with some of our associate guides. I will probably run a few trips there this week as we wait for the ocean to lay down again.There are still some open dates for salmon, lingcod and rockfish action in August. Call (541) 813-1082 or visit www.brookingsfishing.com to reserve your date.

Below are a few photos from the past week out of Brookings.




– Capt. Andy Martin




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