07/20/15 Brewster Sockeye Report


Sockeye fishing in the Brewster Pool continues to be absolutely fantastic. Boat limits for us have been the norm and most of those limits are coming before noon. Even though there are a ton of fish to be had you can’t expect to hammer the fish without paying close attention to detail. I fish without the use of downriggers which I feel let’s me fish faster by making it much easier to retrieve and deploy lines. I have been picking up fish with 20-30 feet of line out in my line counter reels with 6oz cannon balls sinkers, and 25-45 feet of line out with 4 oz cannon ball sinkers. My three number one producing set ups have been a 2 inch pink hochies with a 1.1 inch chrome, pink and chrome, or pink macks smile blade on top, or 2 2/0 gamakatsu red octopus hooks with the same 1.1 smile blades, or just the 2 2/0 red hooks and a pink cured and dyed coon shrimp. All of this is fished 12 inches behind a Macks 76 double d dodger.

One of the other things guys need to realize in this fishery is that the fish are not spread out evenly over the entire area. You need to have good electronics and when you find fish you need to try and stay on them.

I have some openings starting the 21st of July through the 30th. If you are interested in fishing with me in the Brewster Pool please give me a call at 208-861-0654.

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