07/20/15 Neah Bay KINGS!

Neah bay deep water kings

neah bay 7-19-15 067

We had good action on nice sized kings at neah bay this week . The overall weather was very good but it did get very rough Sunday night

We had or best results fishing 250 to 380 down on the riggers in 400 to 500 feet of water off of Umatila.

Bucktails, hoochies, and spoons were all working well.   The pinks and silvers were thick in a little closer at 220 feet of water 180’ down on the riggers.

The fish are getting bigger each week and there are lots of them around. The near shore bass fishing was also very good, they came fast when we found them.

Capt. Todd Girtz

Todds Extreme Fishing

neah bay 7-19-15 018

neah bay 7-19-15 035

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