07/22/15 Possession – Happy Birthday Bonk for Logan Fahey

Logan 27lb King 7.20.2015-7

Logan Fahey caught this big clipped King in Area 9 the day before his birthday fishing with dad Jim. Nice pics and info from Jim. Thanks!

Logan is turning 7 and he wanted to go fishing before the birthday party tomorrow. Luckily the morning wind laid down, sun came out, and we headed to west half of Possession right during 2:00 low tide. After first pass we hooked up this buck in 145′ of water. I put the rod in the gunnel and coached him on the Islander reel.

Luckily after a busy weekend there were only a handful of boats. We had plenty of room, no seals, and just let this guy swim behind the motors for

15 minutes or so. It was a little nerve-racking, but I made up my mind early that I wouldn’t interfere.

Once he came along starboard, I lifted the rod in the air for Dad’s one-arm net job.   Welcome aboard… BONK!

Happy birthday, Logan!


Kevin Klein



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