07/27/15 MA 7 Report

I caught this big fin clipped Kang while fishing solo before work last week on Friday. Big Kings love the Silver Horde Tailwagger! Unfortunately I guess big Seal’s do too. I had another nice one on before this that I lost to a massive, dusky Seal. After a long fight, he stole everything, fish, flasher, lure. I’ve nicknamed him Shaquille O’Seal, and he’s about as big as they get. And no, it’s not a Sealion.

Pinks, pinks and more pinks in the Island’s right now. Kings are around, but hit and miss. You really have to know where they are to land on them.


Another 40” twin to the first, this one caught on Saturday. This fish fell to a Lurecharge Hootchie. Lurecharge is putting out a line of voltage tuned lures, and I’ve been having excellent luck with them…as in catching 3 fish, while watching half a dozen boats on the skunk luck.

I’ve been a proponent of a slight positive charge on downrigger cables for years. This comes from old commercial line trollers, who found that a charge of around .600-.700 volts attracts fish in the salt. Hence the Blackbox. I think we also see it with deepwater fishing for bottom fish with copper pipe jigs. The reaction to the salt water puts out a positive current. Al  at Lurecharge really has this technology down to a science at the terminal tackle. Pretty cool


The Fishtale 2 had a great day…Chinook limits for the ladies…and one for the guys. Lots of very nice hatchery fish to the boat all weekend.


Kathy caught this bruiser on a Silver Horde 3.5 Kingfisher lite spoon in the Resurrection color. It was the hot lure on Sunday. Glad I thought of it! Seriously, we had four fish landed, all on the same lure, then lost it to a huge King, when it tangled on something on the bottom. Probably an old derelict crab pot. Biggest fish I’ve seen hooked in a long time.

hawg heaven 1 guy

Hawg Heaven Charters out of Friday Harbor put on a clinic this weekend. This was one of a slew of nice fish to hit the docks.


Limits again for Hawg Heaven Charters.

lurecharge hootchi

This was the flasher and Lurecharge Hootchie I have been having good luck with. I love that big single hook. Another commercial method. The fish gets hooked well, but come off easier if you have to release them.


These summer Chinook are beautiful.


Beautiful inside and out!



Courtesy Kevin Klein


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