07/27/15 Westport Salmon Report

Dave Auman and I fished Westport this past weekend. We found good Coho fishing up on the beach in front of the casino on the north beach. Top tackle here was a diver with a Yakima Bait Fish Flash and a herring. Ran this setup at 15 pulls. After limiting on hatchery Coho in the 6-9lb range we headed offshore.

King fishing was happing straight out from the Ocean Shores casino in 260-290ft of water. Fishing deep was the key, we ran the Scotty downriggers with 15lb balls just off the bottom to pickup Chinook after seeing lots of fish on the Lowrance high CHIRP setting. Our top producing setup for us was a Pro-Troll 11inch Flasher with a green Silv

er Horde Gold Star Hoochie tied on 40 inches of 50lb test Seaguar fluorocarbon leader with 6/0 Mustad octopus hooks. We started out using Pro-Cure Bloody Tuna for scent but after cleaning a couple of fish found them full of 3 inch shrimp so we switch over to Shrimp Jell Scent. This picked up the number of fish we hooked up on.

Saturday the fishing was on fire, Sunday you had to work a little harder but still no trouble getting a limit of nice kings.

John Keizer

Salt Patrol


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