08/17/15 Marine Area 7 Report

Salmon fishing has picked up in Marine Area 7 recently. More Chinook have moved in, as well as Coho. And, of course, massive schools of Pinks continue to infest the Islands. Hootchies 36” behind a 11” flasher have been the hot King set up for us. Any color as long as it’s green.

Feature Photo: This Chinook came flying out of the water three times before we we’re able to collar it in a crowd of boats. We had the bellies off the fillet’s for dinner that evening. Marinate in Teriyaki sauce for an hour, then throw on the BBQ in a tin foil boat with the marinade. Keep checking them, it doesn’t take long. Save the collar’s too…it’s like eating a stick of butter that’s good for you.


Nice to see an old Glas Ply still plying her trade around the Island’s. Reminds me of the boat I fished on as a kid. These folks netted a good King as we passed…whooping and hollering ensued.


Kevin Klein


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