08/19/15 Puget Sound Pinks – MA 11


Area 11, Pierce County, WA 8-18-15
My first salt water adventure with my brother Richard, and pinkpole, Kim.
I got the big motor adjusted and it ran great. The kicker started in 20 pulls. None of us were skunked. I am trying to learn how to launch and take out my boat with the dock at Pt. Defiance. Launching went fine but there will have to be some fine tuning in the take out.
We trolled past the slag pile. Saw fish jumping in over 200 foot of water. Then we went to the mouth of the Puyallup. Nothing happening. Went over to Brown’s point where we each caught a fish. Kim a big flounder, released. Richard got a pink salmon which went into the fish box. He was using a Wannafish A Lure DPS 1. Then a little closer to Dash Point I got a flounder on a DPS 5.
The most action we saw was at Dash Point. All off the dock. We didn’t see any other boats get fish. (They did according to the fish checker). There were maybe 4 boats at Browns Point. Richard got the pink and I netted it and put it away then there might have been 10 boats when I looked up. Have no idea where they came from.
The tide change was very small. 11am was the prime time at Dash Point dock.
Low 2:03 AM 3.3
High 7:46 AM 9.8
Low 1:52 PM 2.1

Courtesy WannaFish A Lure


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