08/24/15 Buoy 10 Report

As ya’ll prolly heard, thar’s some catchin’ be in done down at Buoy 10, or parts there bouts on the Columbia River. The fishing is pretty epic. That warm water is keeping the fish in the lower river. Descriptions like “on fire”, and “smoking”, are probably not the best phrases to use with our state in a wildfire crisis. Thanks to all the firefighters, professional  and volunteer alike. Sympathies go out to those families who lost loved ones and those who lost their homes. Hopefully we’ll get some rain, for the fish, and for the fires. I grew up in Central Washington, and it hurts to see that area devastated.



(Featured Picture) Three generations of the Holman clan, grandpa Dave, dad Andy, and son Floyd with a beautiful URB. That’s what it’s all about right there.

floyd scale

Floyd weighs the fish he caught…is it as big as dad’s?



Awwww man! Dad’s was bigger. Hopefully Floyd will have many years of fishing ahead of him to catch up to the old man.



Another nice one for the Floydster. Those Chinook are guaranteed grin producers.


Andy and Carol Holman headed back with limits from a day on the Columbia at Buoy 10. Sunday was the last day to keep unclipped Chinook on that part of the river.


Kevin Klein


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