09/08/15 Puget Sound Salmon Report (MA 7)

Now is the time of year in the San Juan’s when one could come across a 10lb King, a 40lb King, a Coho, a Pink, a Chum, or a skunk. There have been some big Chinook caught recently, from 30-40 plus lbs. They may not be in the cards for everyone, but it’s fun knowing the next bite could be that Donkey Fraser fish. I haven’t got anything over upper 20’s this year, but we’ll take the ‘teener’s all day long. Fun stuff!

Seb Scrivner

  1. Sebie Scrivner with a nice fish on a nice day on the water. Shiny and Chrome!


  1. Vicki Klein with a King. I’d have to say that’s a good catch right there.


  1. Kevin Klein with a Labor Day fish for the BBQ. Oh, what a lovely day!

white king

  1. Many Fraser River B.C. Kings cut white. A lot of Chinook coming through the San Juan’s right now are of Fraser stock.

bait ball

  1. This is what you want to see on your sonar/fish finder. The salmon ball the bait up, and you can see the big fish arch underneath. That denotes something big below that bait ball. Get the gear down!

Gibb's Tackle

  1. I’ve been having good luck with the Gibb’s Tackle No Banana’s Spoon, and Moon Jelly flasher.


Kevin Klein


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