09/08/15 Westport Albacore Tuna Report

The Albacore tuna fishing has not let up for the past several months here in Westport!  Team ARSC has been fishing hard and loading up in zones approximately 35nm Sw of the harbor.

Since last week the tuna have been showing themselves really well on the surface and the bird life has been just incredible.  And of course as we see in September, October, and November…these fish are giant!   There’s also been some Bluefin tuna and Yellowtail around and more on the way from down south.

The best fishing gas been in 62-64 degree dirty blue to true blue water.

Unbelievable fishing.  We are running these trips for another 2 months so there’s still time to make a trip if you can swing it.



Capt. Mark Coleman – Guide/Owner

All Rivers & Saltwater Charters





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