09/16/15 Columbia River Kings

Fishing on the lower Columbia River (below warrior rock) for Chinook salmon just finished up with a BANG!
Double digit days of fall Chinook were the norm for my crews. Tons of Fall Chinook have been making their fall migration up The Big C this past week.
To the tune of 30,000 to 40,000 kings a day are pouring over Bonneville dam at press time.


The fishing on The Columbia River is no where near finished, it’s just time to move up the river system to stay on the Fish. Each damned pool of water on the Columbia River has its own preferred fishing styles and methods. Anything from herring, to wobblers, prawn spinners, plugs, spinners, super baits, back bouncing eggs, etc. This is one reason the Columbia River is such an attractive fishery. You can catch fish on your own terms.

I prefer to troll for my fish. Covering lots of water and paying attention to the tides will pay dividends in the form of Big, Bright, Hard fighting Chinook Salmon.

If you would like to join me on a fish catching adventure get a hold of me, my info. can be found at bonnersoutdoorjournal.com
See you on the water & FishON!!!

Bonner Daniels


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