09/16/15 San Juan Island’s Salmon Report

Salmon are still biting in the San Juan’s, depending on time and tide. You just have to be at the right place at the right time, and that takes knowledge gained from experience. Kings keep showing up in good numbers. There are definitely more and bigger Chinook this year than last. Larger spoons and Hootichies have been producing well. We are still waiting for Coho to show en mass. Think October for them. Hopefully we’ll see some of the big Northern hook nose that are so fun to catch. It’s a great time in the Islands to get out and have some fun on the water, and catch some fish!




Vicki Klein caught this evening beauty on the last pass of the day before heading in.


Karen Rhinehart had a good day fishing with husband Lance. Go ‘Hawks!


The payoff…a smoker load of fish, ready to be put up for


Kevin Klein


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