09/21/15 Washington Coast Salmon Report

Are you not the early bird that gets the worm? That may be ok if you know where to get your worm after the other birds flew the coup! If your favorite fishing hot spots are full of boats maybe sleeping in and catching a later float is the thing for you. Salmon in a river continue to move during different parts of the day and if you can time where they will be in mass at a particular time without any other angler pressure you can LAY THE HAMMER DOWN!

Rob and Ray were my guests on a late afternoon/evening float where they saw the magic happen with their own eyes. 1st hole – no fish, 2nd hole – no fish, 3rd hole – 1 fish, 4th hole – no fish, 5th hole – 9 FISH & a Swamp Donkey we fought like a halibut but lost on a log, 6th hole – no fish, 7th hole – 2 FISH IN TWO CASTS. After all the action we had 5 adults and 2 jacks which was enough for us to call it a day and push to the takeout before dark.

We launched the boat at 1:15pm and we done by 7:30 and the boys had a blast with a lot of action in a short period of time. If this sounds like this may be something that is for you, go for it but make sure you know where the fish will be and what float you need to be on.

Good luck out there!

Not interested in rowing and want to save your arms for only fighting fish? Give me a call at 206-673-7100, email me at laeljohnson@dubbclub.com or book your trip at www.lpjsguideservice.com

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