Pautzke Krill

Pautzke Krill

Gel Krill and Liquid Gel, made by Pautzke Bait Co., fill a much needed void in the scent market for salmon and steelhead anglers. While many other scents could be found at tackle shops for years, krill was noticably abscent from the market until Pautzke’s developed these two winning products several years ago. It’s no secret that salmon and steelhead feed heavily on krill during their time in the saltwater environment and by applying these products to plugs, baits, yarn, and hardware strike rates can go up dramatically. We’ve tested this product relentlessly and it works!

We’ve used Gel Krill with great success for winter steelhead by applying it to yarnies and plugs and Liquid Gel gives egg skeins a tempting krill smell that makes both steelhead and salmon devour them. By applying Liquid Krill to eggs several hours before fishing them the scent gets a chance to work into the eggs. This also works great on herring, anchovies, and sardines.

In addition to its effectiveness on the river, Gel Krill is also an excellent product for halibut and bottomfish. Halibut have a very keen sense of smell and by applying Krill to jigs, lead, and baits an effective scent trail can be dispersed along the bottom that can draw fish in from great distances. I had the opportunity to test both products in Southeast Alaska for both salmon and bottomfish and I was so convinced they are now on board my boat every day.

 The other beauty of Krill is that it works just about anywhere, as krill are found throughout the world. Bring Krill scent along on your next adventure and you might be surpised how well it works.