2015 Ocean Wrap-Up with Kevin Lanier

Well the 2015 Ocean Salmon is over and as we look back a lot of nice fish were caught. No giant ones but a lot of 20 to 30 pound kings and as always when the last week of the season arrives so do the 12 to 15 pound Coho. Dang it, just a few more weeks I always say. 

We did not have our usual beach fishery during most of this summer. There were a few days but the warm surface water sent us out in the 250 to 300 feet range. Kings were feeding in the bottom 20 feet and once you found the bait you got your Kings. Most did not venture out that far. Hence the caught data you will see next. 

We caught 65% of our Chinook quota and about 80% of our Coho. We went to a two chinook retention in early August and again went to wild coho retention around Labor day. I believe the weather played a big roll in the short Chinook catch and the late Coho run. Can we do better, only time will tell. The near future is not promising with the Ocean temps and conditions being what they are. I believe we are headed for a decline in fish returns. We are already seeing it in Puget Sound. 

Silver Horde as always lead the way for us this summer with their spoons and hoochies. We started using Shortbus Flasher this year and are totally sold on them. They work Great. We really paired down our gear and just ran a few different set ups that work well. Our average catch per trip actually increased this year. 

We will start fishing again in March of 2016. Hope to see you all then

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