2015 SKC Puget Sound Anglers Derby Results

Over 400 Entrants (still collecting tickets)

72 Fish weighed in  –  ALL entrants that weight a fish received a prize valued at $75 or more!

Over $3,000 in prizes were raffled off to ALL ticket holders (fish or not)


1st Place  $3,500  Cody Wright              21.93 lbs    Larson Power Boats Northwest

2nd Place $1,500  David B Conrad        17.92 lbs    Cabelas

3rd Place  $1,000  Marcus Kyle              17.12 lbs     Denali Federal Credit Union



1st Place   $300    Kyler McCarthy        10.33 lbs

2nd Place $150     Lily Hartman              3.35 lbs

3rd Place $100     Courtney Hoff             3.10 lbs


Special Prizes

Largest Fish for Military (Active or Vet)    $500     David B. Conrad

Largest Fish Active PSA Member                $500     Tim Flynn                   Todd’s Extreme Fishing



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