Incredible NEW Salmon Spoon – Two Face!

Silver Horde, Sportco/Outdoor Emporium and Steelhead University, all leaders in the Northwest Fishing Industry, announces the latest innovation in salmon spoons, “Two Face”. These new spoons will revolutionize salmon fishing and will be available exclusively at Sportco and Outdoor Emporium.

Terry Wiest said, “The sports fishing industry needed a spoon that closely resembles bait fish both in appearance and action”. Working with Kelly Morrison of Silver Horde, they came up with a prototype and tested extensively. “The features we needed were: fish catching colors on both sides of the spoon, scales, and eyes” said Wiest. “Talking with other leaders in the industry and with my own experience, the eyes were an important feature and you don’t find them along with color on both sides of the spoon anywhere else.”

Once the final product was designed, Gabe Miller of Sportco/Outdoor Emporium said, “I’m in! These things are crazy good and are going to be a huge success.”

The “Two Face” design will be available on both the Kingfisher “Lite” and Coho Killer. “The colors we get the most requests for on all of our spoons are black, purple, and green, so we will offer the new spoons in those colors”, said Morrison, “and of course we will have sickle hooks on these spoons as well”.

The new spoons will be available late January 2017 during the Sportsman and Boat Shows.