Anglers Advantage Inline Weights

Anglers Advantage Tackle – 1/8oz In-Line Float Weights

By Terry Wiest

For those of you that have seen my presentations or articles, or maybe seen me on the river, you know that when float fishing I use an in-line weight system. I’ve been using this system for almost 10 years now and in my opinion is the most effective way to fish for steelhead using a float and jig with traditional spinning gear. With a centerpin outfit then I’d stick with the split shots weighted down the line.

The idea behind the in-line weight is simple: Add weight to the presentation to get it down faster into the strike zone while keeping vertical in the water to create less drag. On top of that the swivel is cast through the lead so there’s less hardware to deal with.

Like I said, I’ve been using this system for about 10 years, but now, FINALLY, a 1/8oz in-line weight is introduced! This is MONEY.

Previously I’ve always used the smallest in-line weight available which was the 1/4oz. Couple that with a 1/8oz jig and a 3/8oz float is what you need to be in balance. Now, given the 1/8oz in-line weight, I can still use my 1/8oz jig, but now I can use a smaller float, a 1/4oz float to make my presentation that much less noticeable. SWEET!!!!

Anglers Advantage Tackle is the only place I’ve found the 1/8oz weight. This truly opens up more options for light line float fishing.

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