Artist’s Coho Rendering – 5/31/15

coho concept renderingSo as many of you know I’ll be blogging about my Coho replica being designed by Trophy Fish Replicas.  One of the most important things, and the first thing you should do is make sure the taxidermist is also an artist.  With almost all mounts now being replica’s, and not what used to be the standard of using the actual skin for a mount, there’s so much more to bring the fish to life than in years past.

When I found Ron Camp, owner of Trophy Fish replicas, one of the most important things we needed to do was to have a like vision as to what the finished product would look like.  After talking it over, we each had an idea in place, but Ron wanted to draw the concept just to make sure.  As you can see… he nailed it!

Not only can I have a picture for my wall now, but I’m confident we have the same outcome in mind.  I also can see by the drawing that Ron is in fact an artist, something I needed to know before forking over some good money.

Stay tuned – as the work begins I’ll be updating on Steelhead University.

To contact Ron – visit his website



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