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Spring Chinook – 05/26/15 Sweem

Still some very nice spring chinook around. Plan on lot’s of patience and moving around. Low clear water isn’t helping but they will bite. (sometimes)  Eggs, shrimp, plugs, herring try it all. A few summer run are starting to show and hopefully it will be another great year. Small offerings either side drifted or back

What the Heck???

Wait til you see what Trophy Fish Replica’s and Steelhead University are doing now.  Follow along as we’ll update as progress continues. The Fish:  Coho The River:  Situk River, Alaska When:  Fall 2014 This is probably the most gorgeous fish I’ve every landed and I had to figure out a way to do it justice

Herzog – Steelhead on the Spey

FORKS – In my last blog, I mentioned briefly the benefits aplenty of having “your own personal JD Love”, meaning then how handy it is to know someone who lives at a steelheading destination for up-to-the-nanosecond, laser-pinpoint information. Yes, but it is really bitchin’ to have the actual J.D. Love at your service. For those

Smoked Salmon – NW Salmon Candy

Smoked salmon, is there anything better? We all know everyone has their “secret” recipe, but in reality most are quite similar with just a few variations. Almost always salt, sugar and some spices are common ingredients. I used to use a liquid brine, but in the last few years I was introduced to a dry