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Herzog – The Swing

Drift Fishing Steelhead: The Standard Swing By Bill Herzog Steelhead Drift Fishing Once you have determined where to begin your presentation by proper positioning, it’s time to cast. One specific drift fishing technique will be used approximately 80% of the year under almost all river conditions, and that is the standard swing presentation. What angle

G. Loomis IMX 1262s AND 1262c

G. Loomis IMX 1262s AND 1262c By Terry Wiest 2014 G. Loomis ReIntroduces it’s IMX Series of Rods Woodland, WA – Jan 31, 2014 G. Loomis RE-Introduces is IMX series of salmon and steelhead rods. It’s been no secret I’ve been a fan of the G. Loomis 1262s for quite some time – actually since