BeeLee Jigs

Being a jig builder myself, I am always curious about the new up start jig companies that seem to appear almost daily on the internet. A little over a year ago, I stumbled upon Bee Lee Jigs website and I instantly knew that these jigs were not just the norm. From the quality materials used in the product description, to their shear beauty, I knew that these were going to be a force in the ever growing jig market.

I recently contacted Brian Warnicke of Bee Lee Jigs and asked him if he would be interested in Steelhead U doing a review on the site. Now I have to be honest with you folks, I have not used any other jig besides my own for years now so it was a bit of an odd feeling getting excited to receive jigs in the mail. After working out the details Brian agreed to send some samples for me to try and review. I was pumped to give these jigs a swim.

The packaged arrived a few days after I talked with Brian, and when I opened it up I was amazed at the striking beauty and extreme attention to detail that was put into each jig. From the sticky sharp Owner and Daichii hooks, to the completely paint free eyes, these jigs were top notch.

I ran up on the river for few hours last weekend to give these jigs a go. They performed flawlessly and look even better in the water. The schlappen and rabbit fur tails have an excellent underwater profile that steelhead and salmon can’t resist. One of the most important factors in a quality jig is its durability and Bee Lee Jigs are no exception. These are a palmered style jig (this is where the hackle, schlappen, rabbit fur, or other material is spun around the hook shank) and are nearly indestructible. Another thing I really liked about these jigs is how Brian maintains a very uniform and consistent length on the schlappen jigs tail. I feel having a tail that is not too long is very important when the fish are light or short biters.

With over 18 beautiful color patterns and three different sizes, Bee Lee Jigs are sure to have you covered. They also offer a complete line of floats, inline weights, and jig tying materials including powder coated or bare lead jig heads poured on Owner hooks. All of Bee Lee’s products are high end and definitely get an A+. Visit to find out for yourself.