Bogachiel River, Hatchery Drift

Bogachiel River, Hatchery Drift

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Hatchery Drift
The Hatchery Drift gets crowds for one reason, because fish hold here! Fish hold in the fast water in the upper portion of this drift, especially in low water. The tailout and the rocks below it hold fish in all but the lowest of flows. Generally drift fishing and floatfishing are the only two means of fishing this run, as crowds usually make plugging impossible.

Calawah Confluence
Best if fished from the south bank. Fish hold in the heavy flows all the way across this drift. Drift fishing is typically the best way to approach this run.

Tall Timbers
Located just below the Calawah confluence. Travelling fish will hold along the entire stretch of gravel bar on the north side of the river and in the deeper water along the cut bank on the south side. Bank anglers working the gravel bar score by driftfishing eggs or shrimp with either a Corky, puff ball, or rag if the water is up. Backtrolling plugs and bait divers and floatfishing will take fish on the south side of the drift. Once again, if the fish are in expect some traffic in this run.

Crescent Hole
Pulling plugs and floatfishing the upper portion of this run will draw strikes and from the point on down is excellent driftfishing water. The tailout of the Crescent Hole on the north side is great plugging water, as well.

(Map Not to Scale-Not for Navigational Use)

Ice Box
Located at the cutbank on the corner below the Crescent Hole. The upper portion of this run holds fish in low to medium flows and fish will hold on the cut bank from the creek into the tailout in any flow. Driftfishing works great in the upper portion of this run and backtrolling plugs and baitdivers takes fish along the cut bank.

Hundley Flats
A small rapid separates this from the Icebox. Fish hold throughout this entire run. In medium to high flows both the north and south shores will hold fish and the tailout on the south side is excellent in all but the lowest of flows. Cover this run best by driftfishing.

Mary Lou
The river plunges into a rock wall on the north side, forming this deep pool. In low flows fish will hold in the heavy current along the wall at the top of the run. Backtrolling plugs along the rock wall and into the tailout takes fish, as does driftfishing the broad, deep tailout.

Goodman Mainline
In high flows plunkers score big on the gravel bar on the north side of the river. As waters recede fish will hold under the bridge on the south side and along the entire south bank to the tailout.