Coho Blog – Creating the Habitat Base

So the work begins…

Trophy Fish Replicas has begun the lengthy process of bring my Coho back to life.  After the drawing was accepted, now come the every so important part of creating the habitat and base.  This is after all a permanent fixture and will help visualize the fish as it was in the wild.  Rather than the fish alone, the sand, stones and driftwood are all an integrated part of the process which makes the difference between a plain mount and a work of art.

As you can see from the photo’s below, already an incredible amount of work has been put into creating the replica.  Each stone is hand painted, the sand is formed, the pieces are put into place.  Each step very time consuming and takes a keen eye to make everything perfect.


These photos are the first steps in creating the habitat base for the fish.

Step 1a-Lrg Stones painted for base habitatLarge Stones are painted for the base

Step 1c-Positioning Lrg Stones and wood on BaseStones and Driftwood positioned on the base

Step 3-Rough poured foam baseRough poured foam base

Step 4-Trimming foam to fit into base 2Trimming foam base to fit

Step 5-Foam base trimed and rough fit into basefoam base rough fit

Step 6a- Cutting rough texture into foam baseTexturing Foam Base

Step 6b- Cutting away foam to set rockTurning foam into Sand

Step 7- Positioning stones to set into basePositioning the Stones

Step 8- Lrg. Rock set into position on baseEverything in place

Step 9- Checking alignment of coho form to driftwood and baseRough positioning the Mount

More to come…


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