Coming To Life

Wow… No words can describe how Trophy Fish Replicas is bringing my Coho back to life.

The transition from a fiberglass mold into a work of art is absolutely amazing.  The pictures below only illustrate a fraction of the time put into this wonderful piece of art.  My eyes are misty just looking at how this piece is unfolding.

For those of you that want to live a fish of a lifetime, I highly encourage you to contact Ron Camp – Trophy Fish Replicas.

I don’t believe I’ve seen a finer fish artist in my years of searching.  Just look below and follow in the weeks to come as a masterpiece is formed.



Step-19B Sculpting in eyes

Step-22 Sanding seam on head

Step-23 Primed and ready for paint

Step-26A Airbrushing color undertones

Step-27 Applying base layer detail on fins

Step-28 Brushing in silver detatil on head

Step-30 Applying next layer of detail to head

Step-31- Stage 1 of Coho completed

Contact Ron Camp

Trophy Fish Replicas

360 623-9803


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