Consider a Custom Rod

Did you ever pick up a rod, or fish a rod, and say, “this rod is perfect, except…”. The answer very well might be getting yourself a custom rod.

There is nothing wrong with an “Off the Shelf” rod, but think about it. Most of the best quality rod manufacturer’s mass produce their rods. From the blanks to all the components, to the actual assembly, these rods run through an assembly line and are produced in large quantities to be shipped to vendors all over the world. Now don’t misunderstand what I’m saying, they are still fine rods otherwise they wouldn’t have the reputation they do and demand the price they can. Most my rods are produced by G. Loomis, Lamiglas and St. Croix.

With one of these rods, or any rod purchased off the shelf, you’re purchasing what the rod manufacturer and their testing team has determined to be the best qualities of a given rod, and they do a very good job. Hundreds if not thousands of hours go into testing and development to come up with new specs for a given rod.

BUT… your idea of what is perfect may not be exactly the same as what was developed.

Enter a Custom Rod! With a custom rod you can choose the blank, components, reel seat, cork, even color of the rod wraps, but most importantly, with a professional builder, you can get the “FEEL” of the perfect rod you’re looking for.

I spoke with Don Burgess of Don’s Custom Rods. What Don believes sets his rods apart from the mass produced rods in quality! Everything from the blank, all components including guides, reel seat, cork and even the thread are the highest quality you can get.

The first step in purchasing a custom rod is talking to the builder. Both of you should be asking many questions because you want this rod to be perfect! Don’t be shy… ask him everything you need to until you’re comfortable with your decision. And don’t worry, Don’s been through this so many times he knows what to ask you and will make suggestions along the way.

For me, I wanted a G. Loomis 1143c, but wanted it to be slightly more sensitive than those I’ve felt before. The solution, a custom 1143 Loomis blank with a counterweight on the butt of the cork. This makes the tip slightly lighter and more sensitive… and works beautifully!

Don’s Custom Rods offers custom blanks from G. Loomis, Lamiglas, St. Croix, all the manufacturer’s I’ve mentioned above, along with Rainshadow, Rogue, Sage and others.

Another thing about a custom rod is its just that… custom! You can go with standard colors or be a little creative. This is a one of a kind rod hand built to YOUR specifications.

How many times have you been with, or seen a “professional” guide or fisherman and they’re fishing with a “custom” rod! Now, you too can have one of your own. You also might be pleasantly surprised and the price of these rods… they’re usually not as much as you think. They still come with a complete warranty and Don does some of the finest rod work I’ve seen.

Custom Rods also make a once in a lifetime gift for that special person! Every fisherman can always use a new rod… this time, make it a custom one!