E6X Salmon Rods – Are you ready to Rumble!

Wow… I can’t believe the new rods G. Loomis have come out with.  I knew about these for quite some time.  The E6X has been killing the Steelhead scene, but holy moly you can’t believe these new SALMON rods from G. Loomis.  They have the newest technology the the E6X Steelhead Series has, but so many more add on’s that make these the new “go to” rod for salmon.

E6X Salmon Double Lock Fuji

Double Locking Fuji Reel Seats

What I found most interesting, and most useful is the new double locking Fuji reel seats.  These things are bullet proof.  No more loose reels or reels falling off while fighting a fish.. it just doesn’t happen with the new reel seats.  And of course the Guides are Fuji as well.  Only the best on G. Loomis rods!

G. Loomis also has come out with custom tapered mandrels for each rod and action.  Rather than using the same mandrel to build all the blanks, then “mold” them to the specifications, now they have custom mandrels designed specifically for each action and taper.  They call it Multi-Taper technology.  I call it a winner!

E6X Salmon PLug

Graphite Handles and long Fore Grip


For those of you begging for graphite handles?  You got it!  Yep, the new E6X Salmon rods have the graphite handles that you’ve been waiting for.

Another feature you’ll find our these new rods is an extra long fore grip.  This allows the graphite to rest against a rod holder, while having still enough fore grip to grab when removing the rod from the holder… genius!

15 New Models great the Salmon Angler and they will be introduced at the Portland Sportsman Show 2016.

These are the most anticipated rods that I can remember G. Loomis ever having.  The E6X Steelhead Rods are a huge success.  Reviews have been incredible and they are probably the best selling rod of any kind at this time.  The E6X Salmon Rod is even better!  With the price point being less than $300, you’re getting the cutting technology you’d figure was in the IMX class.

My advice… Buy these rods!  You WILL love them.


Terry J Wiest

Steelhead University




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