Fire Flies Jigs

By Terry Wiest

“Fire Fly” Frank Eshpeter with a Green River Steelhead

Jigs catch Steelhead! No question about it. And most jigs look similar if not the same. But now Hawken Industries releases something new to the Jig world – a “lighted” jig. What makes these so unique is the jigs look like, well… a jig. Once activated then that’s where the difference is. Brilliant.

We’ve all seen glow heads, UV heads and material, and even lighted floats. But what Hawkens have done is create a mini light stick which is inserted into a tube which happens to be attached to the shank of the hook. Hidden from the eye, but “lights up” when the stick is activated.

The light stick itself is said to last up to 8 hours, but if you’re like me that jig will be long gone before that time. But, should you not lose the jig and want to fish it again another trip, replacement light sticks are also available. If you don’t happen to have spares, who cares, these jigs in themselves are awesome and will catch fish.

So how effective are Fire Flies? How’s this:

A few days ago I was talking with my friend Frank Eshpeter about steelheading, where he should go during his winter break, and what to use. You see Frank is a good fisherman, but when it comes to steelhead he hasn’t actually had the best of luck… until now.

I had given Frank a few Fire Flies Jigs and told him to be the first one on the river and fish them at first light. Frank heads to the Green River and does just that (yes the Green still has a few steelhead in it). At 7:30AM as I just arrived to work my phone rings. A very excited Frank exclaims “They work!”. He’s already got a fish on the bank – first light, first cast. He was using the Fire Flies FFM18013 (pictured).

8:00AM and he’s ringing again – two for two. OK now this is just nuts, I’m at work and Frank goes 2 for 2 in the first hour of fishing on the Green River? Frank has never caught two steelhead in a year let alone a day. But Frank wasn’t done just yet. By 10:00 he lost another and called it a day. Just for the record, only one fish was retained in case you’re wondering why he kept fishing.

I expect we’ll be seeing many more reports from Frank now that he’s got a new jig.

Oh, and he’s already been dubbed “Fire Fly Frank”.