How to fish for Lunker Lings – Plus New Lingcod Video


How to Jig For Lunker Lings

Ling Cod are at the top of the food chain in the waters around Vancouver Island. They eat anything smaller than themselves and it can vary from smaller family members to Salmon and everything in between.

We have had a lot of practice catching Lings over the past 20 years and you could say we have the technique dialed in.  We start with a 11oz jig that is white with a blue back.  It is important that you first attach your lure to monofilament line and never go directly to the braided line with the jig. I can’t explain why, but your bites will be cut in half if you tie straight to the braid.

The deeper the water the easier they are to catch. Lings live on every hump on the coast and the better they can see the harder they are to catch. I like water that is at least 140 feet deep with 200-300 being the best.

Live bait in shallow water is hard to beat and on the tide change they will attack any bait dropped in front of them.  Generally the first three jigs are the best, as Ling Cod are very aggressive and a lure that has been down for awhile is a little less attractive.

Keeping the lure vertical is also important. It is better to reel up and re-drop once your line angle is greater than 30 degrees.  Remember that the technique is called jigging for a reason,  The more you work your lure the more success you will have.


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