G. Loomis IMX 1262s AND 1262c

G. Loomis IMX 1262s AND 1262c

By Terry Wiest

2014 G. Loomis ReIntroduces it’s IMX Series of Rods

Woodland, WA – Jan 31, 2014

G. Loomis RE-Introduces is IMX series of salmon and steelhead rods.

It’s been no secret I’ve been a fan of the G. Loomis 1262s for quite some time – actually since it was first introduces in the G. Loomis Salmon/Steelhead Series of rods. The material used in this series was a “blend”, mateirials that contained the durability of the GL3 and the sensitivity of the “old” IMX rods.

Now, in 2014, not only has G. Loomis brought back the IMX series of Salmon and Steelhead Rods, they offer more models, have improved the design and their exclusimve IMX material. They describe them as “Certified Bad Ass”. I think that describes them to a tee!

First of all their light, perfectly balanced, incredibly sensitive, and tougher than previous IMX blanks.

For float fishing the 1262s is a staple in most serious float anglers articles. Now, the 1262s is in the IMX series. This is the ultimate spinnning rod for float fishing hands down. Even lighter, thinner and more sensitive than the 1262 in the Salmon Series, the new IMX is a leap beyound. And… for those of you that prefer a baitcaster for float fishing, INTRODUCING the new G. Loomis IMX 1262c that has the same specs as the spinning rod, but in a casting model. Tell me this isn’t going to be one “Bad Ass” arsenal.

To compliment the 1262s, I’ve also been playing with the new IMX 1363s. It’s long thant 10′ 6″ of the 1262s – but rated the same line weight of 6 – 10lb in a 11′ 4″ model. This is a great complitment for fishing those larger rivers.

The 1262, spinning or casting, has been reintroduced, you have to check these baby’s out. They’re awesome!

For more about the 1262’s and all the full line of IMX Rods, visit the G. Loomis website.