HeatZone by KoneZone

HeatZone by KoneZone

By Terry Wiest

No More FREEZING Hands!

The HeatZone by KoneZone - Finally!

Not often a new product comes along that I’m so impressed with that I can’t wait to review it. The HeatZone by KoneZone IS one of those products.

Imagine you’re out on your favorite river, or out Blackmouth fishing in January in subfreezing weather. After a few minutes the first thing to get cold, and stay cold are your fingers! That’s one of the biggest complaints I hear, and myself too am bothered by, is cold hands and fingers. Can’t tie a not, can’t feel the bite, can’t feel my fingers!

We’ve tried everything from fingerless gloves to neoprene gloves to putting heat packs in our gloves, but none of them truly keep your hands warm and as soon as your fingers get wet forget about it.

The Heatzone fits around the waist and can double as a  wader beltNow comes a totally revolutionary product that is a must for all steelhead fishermen, Blackmouth fishermen and just plain anyone that wants to keep their hands warm while enjoying their favorite activity out in the cold.

The HeatZone is worn around the waist and can double as a wader belt. You insert your hands into the HeatZone and warmth awaits you. Pull your hands out when you need to grab your rod, reach for a beer, or whatever else you need to do.

  • Designed with Faytex antimicrobial lining and Primaloft synthetic down
  • Lightweight
  • Water Resistant
  • Magnetic closures keep the heat inside
  • Quick disconnect high impact strength plastic buckle operates with one hand
  • Ready made pockets accept most brands of hand warmer packets

To test the HeatZone, I placed three hand warmer packets inside the pockets of the HeatZone. I then placed it in the freezer for one hour. After the hour I took it out and immediately could feel the heat from the backside. I put my hands inside and it was cozy warm! I can’t wait to use this on the river!


The HeatZone Accepts most Hand Warmers - up to 3 at a timeAs you can see in the picture to the left, the HeatZone opens up nicely to display three pockets. You can load from one to three hand warmers depending on how cold it is, or should I say how much warmth you desire. Once activated, close the HeatZone and insert your hands when needed. Simple, but oh so long overdue, for something like this to come along!

Available in several colors, but not available in many stores yet, order them directly from KoneZone.

This will be one of the best $29.95 investments you can make.

Get a couple to keep in the boat, your fishing partners will thank you… believe me!