How to Tie a Yarn Ball

Ask five Steelhead fisherman that come out of southern Oregon or northern California what their favorite three Steelhead baits are and you’ll probably get five different answers. One thing is for sure Yarn Balls would be at the top of the list of all five.

Yarn Balls are becoming more and more popular in our rivers here in Washington and for good reason. Simply put, Steelhead eat them just about as well, if not better some days than real bait.

There’s many ways to make them but here’s a way one of my clients showed me.

Things you will need include. Magic Thread, Yep the stuff we use to wrap Sardines around our favorite Flatfish. Yarn!!!!!! Any colors you want. A pair of scissors and your ready to go.

Step 1. Cut four strands of yarn into one and a half inch pieces and hold together.

Step 2. Take your Magic Thread and wrap 6 tight wraps around the center of your strands of yarn and break the Magic Thread off.

Step 3. Take your almost done yarn ball and cut to the size you would like. Trim up sloppy ends.

Step 4. Your Yarn Ball is done and ready to add to the hook.

I run them in my bait loop just like real eggs or Shrimp.

Of course these things hold scent well and is added while on the river. Easy to use, easy to fish, and the fish love to eat them up.

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