Introducing: EZ Egg Worms

Northwest Guides Baits, makers of EZ Eggs™, have introduced a new line of worms into the steelheading market. Although there are plenty brands of worms out there, it’s nice to get a worm that has the right buoyancy, feel, color, action and scent (when legal) that you know you can fish it under most conditions. I think we have a winner!

Phil Stephens, Mystical Legends Guide Service and Steelhead University Associate has been instrumental in the design and testing of these worms and the outcome has been phenomenal. They’ve been around for over a year but just released this week (April 2, 2008) to the public after getting the final “thumbs up” from Phil!

I’ve also been fortunate enough to be able to test these prior to public release and I must say I’m sold. Although I haven’t free drifted them enough to put them through an honest test for that method, I have been able to fish them on a jig head under a float (my favorite method) and have had very good success. I cut the worm about 3 – 3 1/2 inches long and use the paddle tail end for that extra little action. Use scissors or a knife for cutting the worm since they are extremely tough and durable, remember they’re made out of the same material as the original EZ Eggs™. Since they are buoyant I’ve been using the 1/4oz jig heads to keep them horizontal in the water.


The worms come in three colors: hot pink, methiolate (a kind of orange), and my favorite bubble gum. Currently they’re only being offered unscented, which is good with the bait restrictions in most rivers right now. They will soon be available in the same shrimp scent as the original EZ Eggs™. They are sold six to a package.