Learn to Catch More Halibut with Glitter Butt Juice

By: Terry Wiest

Much of the West Coast offers quality halibut fishing. Halibut are most commonly targeted while anchored. Last year I blogged about my “Golf Ball Scent Bomb” that crushed halibut. This year on a recent trip to Alaska that same setup produced a 160lb fish and others. Click here if you’d like to review that blog.

To recap: The Scent Bomb consists of:
•A golf ball which produces sight and sound as it bounces on the bottom
•A paint roller which is used to soak up scent (Pautzke Nectar) to create a scent trail
•Emery cloth strips that look like squid or octopus tentacles, but will stick to the inside of the mouth, while the circle hook sticks in the corner of the mouth.

This blog, nevertheless, is meant to take that technique to a new level by adding my new Glitter Butt Juice to help entice more fish. This technique is effective anywhere halibut are found.

To read the blog and learn how to make my Glitter Butt Juice, Click Here



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