LPJ’s Clients Biggest Fish to Date

This past week Brad Barnett and his parents were my guests while we floated a coastal Washington river. Brad has been a good friend for a number of years but until this trip has never been able to make it out with me. His mother and father had a visit planned and this was the prefect time for the trip to be set. The day began with us meeting up and discussing what techniques would be used to target chinook. During our ride to the launch I told the Barnett crew that there would be a chance for hooking into some big fish!

As we ventured down the river a couple of spots where I can always get fish in were occupied by bank anglers. Out of respect I do not fish where bank anglers are so I was forced to move down to another hole that was occupied as well. This is not a good feeling but when you are there to get fish and you have three people on board and your job is to get fish, YOU GET FISH! I moved down to some water I was not comfortable fishing in but a fish rolled so I gave it some time. We covered the water thoroughly with three floats in the water but as usual in this particular spot nothing would drop a bobber. I was going to move down to a “guaranteed spot” but not before I made one adjustment to Brad’s gear and one more pass. This must have been the ticket because as soon as Brad made a short cast and it floated maybe 20 feet the bobber shot down and the fight was on! While I was baiting another hook I was not able to see the float disappear when Brad hooked up. The fish stayed down for about 8-10 minutes but I thought it wasn’t that big at first and didn’t move the boat so I could fish the hole again. After the fish was pulled from the depths the tail broke the surface and that is when I knew we had a monster!! Immediately I pulled anchor and began the chase as the fish started again screaming drag from the Stradic Ci4+ and bending the E6X with massive head shakes. Moving closer to the fish it ran under the boat and came up on the other side, I quickly turned the boat to allow better line control and after that maneuver we were getting close to ending the fight. Two more short runs and a lift of the large Chinooks head I was able to barely put the estimated 35+ pound fish in the net, whew!

Very happy for Brad to be the big winner and it being even sweeter for his parents to be witness. This was our first fish of the day and the start of our salmon limit. As a bonus we brought in a steelhead to top it all off. There are more fish to be caught and our chinook season is still going strong. A few October dates are still available so book your trip soon! Give me a call at 206-673-7100, email me at laeljohnson@dubbclub.com or book your trip at www.lpjsguideservice.com.

Take care and Fish on!



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