LPJ’s Setup for Coastal River Salmon

2015 low water salmon fishing yields big chrome rewards for anglers who are willing to fish hard and efficiently. If your looking for the peace and ease of sitting in your favorite salmon hole hooking fish after fish you may as well stay at home, catch the football game and wait on the big rains. Now is the time to show the salmon you best steel headers impersonation but with big gear.
Fishing for these coastal brutes requires tackle stout enough to wrestle these strong fish from the deep holes packed with trees they lay in. My low water gear consists of a G-Loomis E6X Steelhead Rod that will give you the power to set the hook with force but still give a smooth parabolic bend in the crucial moments toward the end of the fight. The rod is paired with a Stradic CI4+ 3000 Spinning Reel loaded with 40lb Power Pro. From top to bottom on the Power Pro I place the 4-8lb rubber bobber stops, a bead, 35 gram float, another bead and then tied to a 5/8 ounce Beau Mac float weight. 3 feet of 20lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon is my leader of choice that is tied to a 3-0 Gamakatsu Big River Hook. Estimate your depth with your first cast and if you don’t get bit adjust until you find the bottom. Once you find bottom come up at foot to foot and a half and you will be in the strike zone. Repeat this process in every spot you believe may be holding salmon and you will be on your way to a limit. Good luck out there!
If your looking for some chrome in your life give me a ring at 206-673-7100, email at laeljohnson@dubbclub.com or fill out the booking information at www.lpjsguideservice.com.

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