LPJ’s Twitchin for Kings

Are you tossing and turning at night with your mind on pitching some metal to chrome coho in October? It’s may be a little early for your dreams to come true but right now you can twitch up their big brother Mr. King Salmon on the same technique.
When twitching for Coho a fast twitch is best to get bit but to get the big bite from a King a slower twitch with a longer fall is the ticket. Use a Medium-Heavy 7’6″ to 8’6″ spinning rod paired with 40lb braid and at least a 15lb leader. My rod of choice is the G-Loomis E6X Inshore Spinning Rod paired with a Shimano Stradic CI4+. The reel is equipped with 40lb Power Pro and a 20lb Fluorocarbon leader attached using a Uni Knot. The jig size is all up to the angler as well as the color choice.
The most important thing is to make sure you are getting down to where the fish are before you begin your twitch. Twitching a jig will only work for a short period of time when the fish first see the jig. Please do not harass a school of fish by twitching for an hour in one hole after the bite has died. My rule of thumb is if you snag two fish it is time to move on or use another technique. Please respect our resource and fish responsibly.
Fish on and good luck out there!
If your looking for some chrome in your life give me a ring at 206-673-7100, email at laeljohnson@dubbclub.com or fill out the booking information at www.lpjsguideservice.com.

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