Macks Lure’s : Rock Dancer Jigs

Made for Twitchin!

By Terry Wiest

Float and jig fishing has been a staple in my fishing arsenal now for that past eight seasons. So when Macks Lure’s approached me to give there RockDancer™ jigs a go, how could I not want the opportunity.

Although most jigs look similar, this being true with the RockDancer™ as well, there is a big difference… Buck Tail! That’s right. These are Buck Tail jigs made for the river. Now I’ve used Buck Tail jigs in the salt before, the two main reasons being they hold up well and you can apply scent. For many of you that have heard me speak or seen anything I have written on fishing jigs you’ll know I do not use scent when float and jig fishing simply because anything that comes in contact with the jig material will throw off it’s natural presentation. Buck Tail however is not affected by the oils, gels and pieces of bait we may want to use.

Now Salmon are chemical junkies, we’ve all heard this and I believe it to be true. Steelhead on the other hand are not, which I again believe to be true. So, to truly test these jigs out I thought I’d target Salmon, Coho and Chum to be exact.

When targeting salmon with a jig I like to use the Twitchin technique. We set out on the Skagit River to do just that.

The Skagit being a larger river, we decided to use 3/8oz jigs. What we looked for is jumping Coho, or if fish weren’t obviously around we would look for a nice seem where there is a distinct difference between the current and slower deeper water near the bank. Casting into the faster water and twitchin our jigs just 6 – 10 inches at a time proved to be lethal for Chum. RockDancer™ jigs in pink, or purple/pink were irresistible to them as we had pretty much non-stop action throughout the day.

Even after several fish the hook maintained it’s sharpness and shape. What was really impressive was the Buck Tail, which maintained it’s fullness and shape after each fish.

Wanting to get a few fish for the BBQ, we did add some shrimp scent and luckily were able to manage a few Coho even though for most of the day they were lock jawed. The Coho seemed to prefer the darker jigs,

Being we were twitchin in some cover to try and entice a Coho strike, we did loose several jigs, but this is normal as I tend to hit the water others have passed up to try and find fish that may have eluded others.

All and all these are great jigs which should be at the top of your list when twitchin, especially if you want to use bait or scent with your jigs.