Monster Steelhead Mount – Part II

As with any great piece of work, the foundation can be the most crucial and surely one of the most critical aspects of creating a fantastic work of art.  Mounting a Steelhead is no different!

If the cast isn’t perfect, if the eyes are not perfect, if the habitat is not realistic, if the head doesn’t fit the body… just a few of the examples of where cheaper replicas have gone wrong.

Ron Camp, owner of Trophy Fish Replicas goes through the painstaking and time consuming process of laying the foundation before any of the fun stuff (paint) begins.  His clients have known to rely on him to give them the most realistic mounts in the Salmon and Steelhead Replica world today.

Preparing the Habitat

Head of the Beast

Fitting the Eye

Sculpting the Eye

Adjusting the Head to the Body

Finishing the Seams

Shaping the Fins

Painting the Gills

Interested in your own replica?  Give Ron a call (815) 988-8386 or email him



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