Pautzke – BorX o Fire

We all know salmon are chemical junkies, and most cures can give em a good fix including Pautzke’s Fire Cure. But what happens when the fish are a little fussy and you might not quite have what they’re looking for, or better yet, what about Steelhead?

Pautzke’s may have just come up with the perfect solution… Borx O’ Fire.

Borx O’Fire is a borax based cure that puts the years of expert knowledge at Pautzke’s in every bottle, but leaves out all the chemicals in traditional cures. Oh, but don’t worry, they’ve left in the Krill!

It also comes in four bite enticing colors (red, pink, orange and natural).

The cure comes in a nice 30oz jar and the directions are easy to follow. Eggs turn out perfect every time. So easy a 10 year old can do it as you’ll see in the pictures to follow (my fishing partners 10 year old daughter cured the eggs for us).

Pictured above are the ingredients needed
Note – the Pautzke Fire Power is pure krill and can be added to any eggs
or other bait for that pure krill scent Pautzke’s is known for.

Cut the eggs into the desired size clusters

Put clusters into ziploc baggies and cover with Pautzke Borx O’ Fire

Separate baggies for separate colors

GENTLY mix the cure in with the eggs

After all the juice is absorbed back into the eggs,
put on paper towels and air dry until desired texture and firmness is reached.

Perfect or what!

If storing the eggs, cover with pure Borax.
Then they can be refrigerated or frozen for longer storage.

After storing in borax, eggs will look like this and you’re ready to fish.

For an extra punch, try Pautzke Fire Power pure krill scent!