Pautzke Fire Cure

Pautzke's FIre Cure

When highly regarded Pacific Northwest salmon and steelhead angler Mark Yano bumped into Pautske’s Bait Co. good things were bound to happen. Firecure, Pautske’s can’t-miss egg cure was the outcome of this partnership. Mark has been atop the northwest salmon and steelhead scene for years, honing and tweaking his egg cure on the rivers of Tillamook Bay and Washingtons Olympic Peninsula and producing staggering numbers of salmon and steelhead along the way. This cure, once a well guarded secret, can now be found at tackle shops throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Firecure combines Yano’s secret sulfite based formula with the power of krill scent, making a potent cure that both salmon and steelhead can’t resist. Firecure works great for summer and winter steelhead and it is without a doubt something you need to have in your arsenal during fall salmon season. Yano put thousands of days into perfecting this cure and in concert with Pautske’s exact manufacturing process nearly all of the guess work is removed from curing eggs. Simply follow the instructions on the bottle and you can rest assured that your eggs will catch fish.

Firecure is a proven winner amongst river guides and the staffers at Steelhead University. It comes in 7 different colors, including orange, red, pink, and natural.