Redington Waders

Redington – Every Female Anglers Best Friend

by Bryanna Zimmerman

There is no doubt that Redington produces gear for the serious angler. The products are top of the line and are made to meet the expectations of not only men who fish weekly, but women as well. Being a female angler, the most important thing that I need to find in my waders is durablity. Not only does Redington truly think of the angler when designing their gear, but they stand behind their product and ensure customer satisfaction. I recently ripped a pair of my Redington Chena waders and when I sent them in to see if they can repair them, I ended up with a brand new pair shipped next day to me and personal email communicating to me the steps that would be taken to ensure my customer satisfaction. I was beyond satisfied! I waited for weeks to send them in because I was worried that I would be without waders for up to a month. To find out that Redington took my angling serious and got me back in functional waders as soon as possible made me far beyond simply satisfied.

Redington makes women’s waders with women in mind. Not a typical, 2-layer, basic wader made to fit any body, but truly has a women in mind when designing their waders. They are made to fit the shape of women. They have an hourglass shape and the length of the legs compared to the waders are a bit less long when comparing to the men’s allowing for a more comfortable fit. Redington puts features like fleece-lined hand warmer pockets and increased layers for durability in the leg area. The feet are porpotioned to women so you’re not trying to stuff an extra two inches of the stocking feet into your boot. And speaking of boots, they not only design waders with a women in mind, but boots as well. They have wading boots that are not only by far the most comfortable wading boot, but actually comfortable for any boot. They have enhanced cushion around the abkle and tongue for extra comfort. My feet are made to wear high heels and sandals, so to be able to have a comfortable boot to wear when hiking all over the river is extremely important.

Their new Sonic-Pro Zip Front Waders are the latest in wader technology. They are not just another pair of waders that claim to have enhanced durablity, but Redington has taken the extra step in unleasing their new High-tech Ultra Sonic Welded construction. They have removed the traditional sewn seam, and introduced welded seams. There are not pin holes that may leak or threads to come un-sewn. Not only does this provide a more durable and efficient wader that is made to last longer, but it reduces the excess materials making the legs of the waders more comfortable and more mobile.

While most other waders offer only 3-layer enforced legs, Redington designed these Sonic Pro Zip front waders to have 5 layers throughout the legs and seat area for re-inforcement in the areas that need it the most. When you are constantly climbing logs and walking through deep brush to find your secret honey hole, the part that concerns me the most is the legs of my waders! That’s what is immersed in the water the most and that’s untimately what I need to stay solid without fail. The added two layers is sure to provide this durablility.

Now for the best part of the Redington Sonic-Pro Zip Front Waders. They are not you tradition overall style waders. They zip up the middle for convenient and fast dressing! There is nothing worse that trying to find the strap over your shoulder and figuring out what direction it goes when it’s pouring rain, 35 degrees outside and you’re already running late. The zipper is completely waterproof and extremely comfortable and with 5 pockets total, there is plenty of room to store your keys, cell phone, license and miscellaneous tackle that’s easier to hold on your than in your bag.

For the men, these waders are already on the market and in full swing. I have seen guides all over the Pacific Northwest sporting and using these waders to it’s fullest capabilities. They are no doubt the current top of thel ine waders and they are not going to break the bank. Running in at just over $350 they are not only worth every penny, but in-line with other waders on the market.

For the women, they already have a wide variety of waders that are sure to meet ever women’s expectations and will soon be launching the Sonic-Pro Zip Front Waders for women! Now women can share the durability that men have but in the sizing and features that will please all women.

Regington knows how to please the serious angler whether you are a man or women, they have what you need and the customer service that is sure to go above and beyond!

Redington Sonic-Pro Zip Front Waders
“All Pro wader at a regular Joe price!”

by Terry Wiest

We’ve all seen the latest craze in waders – zip fronts.  They look good and the functionality is well worth the extra money.  My only concern when they first came out was how water proof the zippers were actually going to be.  I’ve had a pair of zip fronts now for a couple years and most my friends are all moving towards that style as well.  I have yet to hear of a leaking zipper and as technology gets more advanced chances are even less likely for them to leak.

Redington is the latest to make the move to the zip front wader in their new Sonic-Pro zip fronts.  These things are cool!  They also stepped it up a notch by going with the RiRi Storm Waterproof Zipper which is incredibly easy to zip and unzip.  All the other zippers are the YKK water resistant zippers which you’ll find on the finest outdoor product lines of most manufacturers.

These waders feature 4 outside and one inside pocket.  The inside is a perfect size for your keys and fishing license.

Noticeable different is the lack of stitching on these waders – there is none.  Redington uses a new high-tech technique called Ultra Sonic Welding and is double taped at all seams.  The seams are also articulated and right away I noticed the increased mobility in the legs.  They truly feel like I’m not wearing waders at all and they won’t hold you back or slow you down.

The sizing is very true and with 12 men’s, 8 women’s and 2 kid’s sizes everyone should be able to find a comfortable fit.  I went a little larger in the chest because I like all the layers except my rain jacket to be inside the waders.  Between the custom wading belt and oversized buckles of the shoulder straps they are easy to adjust to that perfect fit.

As for putting the waders on, well, the zippers are a tremendous help.  No more struggling to get ready quickly as unzipped is a huge advantage when pulling them on.  Taking off, same thing, huge advantage and makes it much easier especially when you’re cold and tired.  One this is – you won’t be wet.

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that impress me and this time Redington hit a home run with their new gravel guards and custom molded lace hook.  Once you fastening it, it won’t come off until you take it off.

Sometimes it’s the biggest things that impress me, the zip front when Mother Nature calls…

Redington is also very generous with their 5 layer parts.  Most of the waders are 3 layers but they have 5 layers where you need it – the legs and seat.  On the backend the 5 layers are continuous from the legs and all through the entire seat area.  This is very important for durability as we all know there will be many times on our knees, crawling over rocks, stumps, trees, etc. and also sitting in the drift boat or taking an unexpected seat on the river bank or bottom.  Even though they are lightweight the fabric feels tough.  Luckily as of this review I haven’t found myself testing the seat unexpectedly although I have crawled over a few rocks.  So far so good!

Redington is a Northwest Company and they know what it takes to satisfy the hardcore steelheaders in the area.  Look at some of the top guides on the Olympic Peninsula and you’ll see them wearing the Sonic Pro Waders as well.

I’m super impressed with these waders and will report back once I have a full season wearing them.

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